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We enable your business by offering you speedy, solid & straightforward arrangement. Our clients, who have utilized our administrations up until this point, have concurred that logistics was never so natural, stockpiling wasn't so tranquil and services couldn't be more engaged.

With the assistance of most recent innovation, nearness of stockroom in five noteworthy urban communities in nation & by righteousness of the proprietors encounter JK Logistics has come up until now and keeps on accomplishing one breakthrough after another.

Our Purpose

“If we work together, we’ll lower the cost of logistics…we’ll give the world an opportunity to see what it’s like to save and have a better green life.”

What We Do

Saving money to help them to focus on their core activity. It’s the focus that underlies everything we do at J K Logistics.

Why JK Logistics?

Our work granted us stars on our shoulders and we are checking at that point. To Maintain efficiency and execution in our work,

we ensure that the relegation are conveyed in climate verification transporter protecting your consignment,

keeping up distribution center at vital areas assembled submitting to the fire insurance runs and being handled

by staff prepared and created to guarantee chance free treatment of merchandise. Our lead depends on our standards.

Give us a chance to take you through them basically.

Empathy : We comprehend that your 'merchandise' is our cash. We comprehend and recognize your endeavors and diligent work by taking most extreme care of your products and influencing them to achieve the goal convenient and securely.

Reliability : We comprehend that you depend on us when you handover your relegation to us. We guarantee satisfying your desires by keeping up our bearer vehicles & being mindfully associated with stacking and emptying of your products.

Worth : We see identicalness in time and cash. Be guaranteed if your relegation is with us, it will achieve the goal in time. The quality o benefit regarding time, well being and treatment of relegation will be justified regardless of every penny paid.

Integrity : Our uprightness is our pride. Relegation - little or enormous - is constantly treated similarly in our perspectives. Our uprightness has dependably comes as a benefit for our customers thus will be for you as well.

Ease : Quality is a mystery of our prosperity. We offer an unparalleled quality in development, Handling and capacity of products and transfers. This influences us to stand separated in the opposition; rather exceed expectations in what we do.

Service : We are here through gradual steps that we took relentlessly. What has not transformed from the earliest starting point till now is our solid have faith in benefit and much more grounded endeavors in rendering it.

Our Team

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